Mohammed Alani

 Dr. Ahmed Khlaif Mankhi
Maysan university / College Of Basic Educayion / Department of Art Education.

Work Name: Non-title

The year: 2020

Material: a pair of shoes
The artwork is represented by a pair of black-colored shoes tied to one ribbon, so form an angle where one of the shoes is on the ground and the other shoe touches the wall, meaning that the shoe is suitable for displaying it at the angle where the ground meets the wall. It is noticeable in the artwork that the artist Muhammad Al-Ani used the ready-made object as a work of art He refers us to Marcel Duchamp’s ready and circulating employments, except for the artist Muhammad Al-Ani. He added something relatively small and placed it in a large exhibition space that might not arouse the eyes as a great work of art does, but the artist’s philosophy believes that it is better to create intellectual concepts because the wide place has a psychological effect that stimulates reflection and thinking. Interpretation to receive the artwork and here is interesting to note, we find that the artist did not give a name to his artistic work or sign it, and this is a feature of this Belgian artist’s features and here he tries to announce himself not by leaving a name or signature of the artwork, but by leaving an artistic effect that suits his artistic style and orientation And his aesthetic philosophy is that we often use and buy shoes and we do not care about them as an aesthetic value. It ends with the end of the fashion season with which it is related. It is an attempt to draw our attention to contemplate the surroundings of our lives well and think about what is around us, no matter how And there are other cases that refer us to this work, which is pop art in Andy Warhol’s works and his works that present ready-made commercial things, which are considered as a commercial advertisement for some products that he makes as works of art. Al-Ani does not show the name or brand of the shoe, as he is interested in the artistic presentation, i.e. he tries to establish an aesthetic, artistic and intellectual dialogue with the recipient based on the style of presentation and not on the presented material or its name as Andy Warhol did, and the artist Al-Ani tries to create a dialogue that is contrary to the dialogue of Warhol that belongs to the last century And the artist is to give an artistic concept to what suits the great variables of this century and Al-Ani has made his artistic work very simple, moving away from complexity. Here, he is discussing the spirit of the new era represented in the wide consumer values that provide all available services within a simple framework that may change or make amendments to The shape of the pair of shoes, whether by adding a color or other material, but keeping them as they are, here we find the artist reminds us of what the artist Claes Oldenburg made, who used to enlarge things for large works, but the artist Al-Ani found that the size of things was It gives more effect, aesthetics and realism. When enlarged, it will lose a lot of its essence and turn into something else. Likewise, this work refers us to minimal art and the artists of this trend who leave things on the ground, whether they are metals, fibers, or stones in different ways of presentation, some suggest that they are not arranged and some are arranged geometrically or non-geometrically. This is evidence of this artist’s awareness of understanding contemporary artistic reality.