Mohammed Alani


 Dr. Ahmed Khlaif Mankhi
Maysan university / College Of Basic Educayion / Department of Art Education.
                                                                                                                                                      the beginning
  Artist Mohammed Al-Ani presents us with stories about the history of things in an interesting, visual, cultural and aesthetic style through an artwork consisting of a tin box of the color of Ukr that was hit by a blow from the middle that made it bend inward in the form of a deep groove and a tennis ball was placed in it, despite the violent act practiced before The artist on a tin can, but the work is elegant and beautiful, so it has nothing to do with chaos or destruction. This reminds us of the emergence of this universe through a big bang. This wonderful world in which we live came from a chaotic act. No one imagines a very large destructive force. We are its product, but it seems not an explosion in the sense of an explosion. Rather, it is more like a chemical reaction by mixing different materials to produce a new substance, and Mohammad Al-Ani performed an aesthetic interaction by merging industrial materials using an aesthetic equation, and the result was a wonderful aesthetic work and the interaction of this experiment remained continuous, but the interaction shifted between the recipient and the artistic work and there is a vital interaction that occurs between the human race The formation of the embryo, which indicated the mechanism of action, so the shape of the ball with the groove in a tin can resembles a human fetus in its mother’s womb, and here we find an indication of the beginning of things that begin with a specific action and end with many results, some of which are expected and some are unexpected. A man from the era before creation to today . Muhammad al-Ani described things in a symbolic way. The spherical shape has many connotations in our daily life, as well as the size. The small spherical size is close to the size of an apple. This is an indication of an apple that greatly affected the life of man, which was the reason for the existence of mankind on earth after his exit from Paradise, as narrated by theological books. So here is a new beginning, and this apple is a reference to Newton’s apple, who saw an apple falling in front of it and was a reason for the discovery of gravity and caused a major scientific revolution. The other apple that changed our contemporary lives is the Steve Jobs apple, who changed the face of the world with what Apple proposed to the concept of modern technologies.
 The idea of the work is based on the contradiction between the artistic work and the place, as it expresses the idea of the absurd, the different, the contradictory and the fantasy of a world that runs in an incomprehensible pattern, so the work with the place is built to break the expectation by surprising the recipient by making a presentation in a place with a classic concept or a wing object for the Art Classic Museum, which is our first impression. About the work in this way, however, the artist wanted to disclose that each beginning is completely different and with time it develops and matures in a way different from the beginnings, as the classic works did not start in this well-known way, so their beginning was since the emergence of man on the face of the earth primitive consisting of lines on the head and bananas opaque and then developed in the form The mother goddess and art continued to develop through the ages until it reached its apex in the Renaissance. Thus, we understand that every contradiction and ambiguity represents a beginning.
The idea begins with a small sign and then develops until it matures with a creative work, whether artistic or scientific, it is like a fetus. Observations are small work compared to place, this indicates that things are not measured by size, but in the strength of the impact, the screw is small, but it proves the large engine of the car and meteors and meteors most of them in size A grape seed, but it creates a bright light that cuts through the sky at night, and the gun’s shot is small, but it is also fatal. Ideas, no matter how simple, are more effective and influential than ideas that depend on complexity, exaggeration and magnitude, so we see abstract art based on reduction and simplification of things as in the work of the artist Piet Mondrian, as well as the works of Joseph Boyes, depend on simplicity and simple propositions, but they are large in their contents. The Egyptian pyramids are huge and magnificent. They have changed the concept of using material in artistic work such as alabaster and bronze into vulgar things that no one cares about, so the result is creative works parallel to As did the French artist, César Baldaccini, mastered classic works  He uses metal sheets to form them in the form of cubes by large metal presses, as well as what the American artist John Chamberlain did, uses metals, especially auto metals.
Muhammad Al-Ani combined two materials to produce a work of art and did not use a multitude of different materials as Rauschenberg did, or use similar materials as Arman did, so it is a kind of quarrelsome to say that the measure of everything is a person being the dominant in this world and beauty is one and man tastes and enjoys beauty is one However, time differs. Each time has its own aesthetic standards. Here, the artist provides an aesthetic material that narrates the history of beauty with contemporary work that made us move through different stages of human life.